8 thoughts on “ 234 - NHK yx Koyxen Feat. XiX (3) - Hallucinogenic Doom Steppy Verbs (Vinyl) ”

  1. Oct 14,  · Japan’s Kouhei Matsunaga, aka NHK yx koyxen, takes a scientific approach to experimental electronic music. His new album is a dynamic work of .
  2. Aug 04,  · NHK yx Koyxen ‎- Doom Steppy Reverb Label: Diagonal Released: a writhing follow-up to last year’s Hallucinogenic Doom Steppy Verbs 12” and the Program CD with Line.
  3. Where the roots of a deciduous tree form the base of what could be either a baffling human thigh or the outskirts of a collapsing galaxy chasm, lupine beasts crane, eyeballing outwards. Where a cycloptic samurai policeman shifts past a bearded miscreant grappling the viability out of something incredibly tangled, the boundaries of creativity are set to unsnarl. And so we enter the wavering.
  4. Dance Classics Vol.I by NHK'Koyxen, released 29 March 1. 2. 57 3. 4. _ 5. 6. 7. 8. 9. 55 _2 Prolific producer Kouhei Matsunaga’s ‘Dance Classics Vol.I’ LP documents his more dance oriented material, as seen from his sets with Sensational and also his other minimal techno project NHK.
  5. ‘Hallucinogenic Doom Steppy Verbs’ is an experiment in unfettered creativity and technical prowess that unravels the roots of electronic techno, crushing the aesthetic and rebuilding it into an unstable, degenerate, hardcore madness.9/10(1).
  6. Following the full-length Doom Steppy Reverb, which was fine but a little too conventional, Exit Entrance appears on DFA, and is immediately one of Matsunaga's most appealing releases. "Meeting" sets the tone with bubbly IDM melodies and crunchy, galloping beats that would fit on any number of Skam releases (the label issued Koyxen 's.
  7. Hallucinogenic Doom Steppy Verbs [DIAG] by NHK yx Koyxen (feat. XiX), released 20 September 1. 2. _ 3. Whispering Gallery 4. 5. The Spiral Of Babel.
  8. NHK yx Koyxen announced his debut album for DFA today, a “collection of new songs that snap and flicker unlike anything Kohei has done in the past.” That includes spastic releases on such esteemed underground imprints as Important, PAN, Diagonal, and Mille Plateaux, whose own influential Clicks & Cuts are channeled here alongside such IDM icons as Autechre and Aphex Twin.

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